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Walid Raphaël writes in Annahar special edition, “Together we build a nation”

February 08, 2018
In a time when citizen journalism has become so popular, when the lines between journalists and citizens have become blurred and when everyone can share online his/her voice with the world, Annahar Newspaper decided to lend its ink and papers for 250 guest writers, coming from very different backgrounds, to state their ideas in its special edition of February the 8th, around the theme: “Together we build a nation”.

Under the patronage of the Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon, Dr. Riad Salame, chosen as Editor-in-chief of this very special issue, Annahar opened its doors on February 7, to celebrate this initiative with all the faces who contributed to its creation.

Walid Raphael, Banque Libano-Française Chairman General Manager also took part in this beautiful experience by sharing his input in an article entitled “A Vision to Support the Economy and Belonging to one Nation”. 
In his article, Mr. Raphael emphasized that all citizens should be treated equally and should be provided with a secured life. He also discussed the importance of the economic development and the need to reform some of the Lebanese laws that will help provide more job opportunities for the youth, as well as create a new economic vision that will certainly attract more investors to our country.

Read full article here.

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