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10 cybercrime prevention tips

March 05, 2018
As part of Banque Libano-Française commitment and continuous efforts to comply with BDL Circular N° 144 “Prevention of cybercrime” requirements, here are 10 preventive steps for you to follow during your banking operations:
  1. Use at least two e-mail accounts: one dedicated to your bank transfers (this account should not be mentioned on your business card) and the other dedicated to the use on social networking sites.
  2. Do not reply to the e-mails you receive by clicking on the "Reply" option.
  3. Avoid using the same password for multiple e-mail accounts and online sites.
  4. Pay attention to the e-mails you receive with suspicious suffixed attachments (i.e. «.exe», «.cox», «.com», «.dll», «.scr», «.pif», «.shs », «.dif», «.vbs», «.bat»), because they may likely contain malicious programs.
  5. Regularly update the web browser software used on your electronic devices.
  6. Use genuine anti-virus software and update it permanently.
  7. Enable a 2- factor authentication on your public e-mail account.
  8. Avoid checking your e-mails and accessing financial websites (such as the e-banking or the financial mobile application) when you are connected to public WIFI networks.
  9. If possible, keep your e-mail history stored for at least 3 months.
  10. Be suspicious of all e-mail messages in which you are asked to make real-time transfers.
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