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iPad 2 - L’Orient Le Jour Loan

With Banque Libano-Française, you can now get the new iPad 2 with a simultaneous subscription to the local newspaper l’Orient Le Jour.
Subscribe to our “iPad2 – L’Orient Le Jour” Loan and benefit from the following advantages:

  • your daily l’Orient Le Jour newspaper will be sent to the address of your choice over 2 years,
  • you will automatically become a subscriber over 2 years to the special IPad 2 application, developed by l’Orient Le Jour, through which you can easily read, your newspaper and instantly access the last 30 editions of the newspaper,
  • you will have access, over 2 years, to all articles and links available on the l’Orient Le Jour website www.lorientlejour.com.

This loan offers you attractive features along with low monthly installments, according to the specifications of the iPad 2 you will be choosing.

Chose the option that suits you the best!

* with a down payment of USD 150
Loan's advantages
  • no file fees,
  • no commision.
Applicant's eligibility
  • nationality: Lebanese,
  • age: 21-64 (including loan period),
  • occupation: the applicant should be:
    • an employee with a steady job situation and income since more than 18 months with the same employer,
    • a self-employed with minimum 3 years work experience in the same field.
  • minimum required monthly income:
    • LBP 1,200,000 for employees or c/v,
    • LBP 2,500,000 for self-employed or c/v. 
  • monthly payments: maximum 33% of the monthly income for employees and self-employed.

Required documents
  • identity card/certificate of individual civil status,
  • recent proof of residence (certificate from the mayor or electricity bill | 6 months old maximum),
  • proof of income: for applicants and borrower + guarantor (if applicable):
    • employee: authenticated salary attestation (salary slip accepted only for military members),
    • self-employed: balance sheet, bank statement, activity analysis, other - on case by case.

For any additional information, please contact your nearest BLF branch or our Call Center on 1272 or send us an email on [email protected]

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