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Treasury & capital markets

In today changing and uncertain environment, your company may face the challenge of efficiently managing its treasury and mitigating or eliminating risks emanating from a financial situation. Our expert team will help you perform a complete assessment and a detailed review of potential effects from adverse markets’ fluctuations.

The Treasury institutional sales desk offers the Bank’s clients a unique opportunity not only to making routine transactions but also to receiving a more comprehensive approach to potential market risks.

The Treasury would give you access to different markets, helping you, through a range of products, in the following:

Daily cash flow management
  • Spot deals (FX Spot)
  • FX swap
  • Term deposits
  • Structured deposits

Foreign exchange risk management
  • FX Forward
  • NDF (Non-Deliverable Forward)
  • Partial (or American) Forward
  • Currency options
  • Zero cost option structures

Interest rates risk management
  • FRA
  • IRS
  • Interest rate options

Domestic Equities with full coverage on Listed Lebanese Equities. Other products include Over-the-Counter markets for Non Listed Shares.

Fixed Income Products

coverage includes all fixed income instruments on:

  • the Lebanese market where the desk acts as a major market maker, providing best execution on Lebanese Eurobonds and LBP T-Bills,
  • international markets covered via our extensive counterparty network, trading bonds on all markets in various currencies. 

Clients benefit from: an alternative to pure deposits, cash management for corporates, yield enhancement, access to research, internal credit analysis, trade ideas and recommendations with best execution capabilities.

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