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Retirement Savings Plan

Is your age between 16 and 70 years?
For your retirement, do you wish to acquire a residence, renovate your home, travel on a vacation or simply have a decent living while protecting your beloved ones? 
Prepare for your golden age with the Retirement Savings Plan* from Banque Libano-Française.

  • beneficiary(ies): one or several of your relatives,
  • age of the insured at subscription: between 16 and 70 years, 
  • period of contract: minimum 4 years | maximum until the insured reaches the age of 75, 
  • currency: USD,
  • premiums:
    • monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual settlements,
    • minimum amount: USD 25 per month, 
    • constant or progressive premiums according to the annual indexation rate of your choice between 2 and 10%,
    • ability to settle additional payments at any moment (minimum required USD 100). A fee representing 2% is deductible from the additional payment,
  • competitive annual return on savings.

  • build up a capital at your own pace,  
  • availability of funds: possibility of withdrawing the saved amount totally at any time is subject to a penalty of 50%, 30% and 10% respectively during the first 3 years in addition to termination fees. The total withdrawal of the saved amount starting the fourth year is applicable with no penalty but subject to termination fees,
  • life insurance coverage: in case of natural or accidental death, or total permanent disability (accident or sickness), or passive war risks (optional), the insurance company will settle the sum insured to the beneficiary(ies) in case of death or to the insured in case of disability. If the contract’s cash value is greater than the sum insured, the difference will also be paid.

Monthly premium*
(in USD)
Duration of  contract
Sum insured
(in USD)
Cumulated paid premiums
(in USD)
Capital received at maturity**
(in USD)
25 50 40 20,000 24,000 60,139
30 75 35 20,000 31,500 69,580
35 100 30 20,000 36,000 69,714
40 150 25 20,000 45,000 76,764
45 200 20 20,000 48,000 72,070

The present Illustration is only indicative and is not part of the Insurance request/contract.

*The Company’s investments are in compliance with the requirements of the decree no. 1205/1978 amended by decree no. 2441/2009 (implementation of the decree no. 9812/1968 governing insurance companies);

The Issuer and the Guarantor being Bancassurance S.A.L., and the Paying agent being the Bank.

** The projected amounts are based on an annual projection rate of 4.5% and are shown for projection purposes only after deducting the insurance fees, settlement fees and management fees.
These amounts and annual projection rate are not guaranteed and do not constitute any engagement for Bancassurance S.A.L..

The Retirement Savings Plan is issued by Bancassurance S.A.L. (CR: 75 309, Beirut), a life insurance company affiliated to Banque Libano-Française. Bancassurance S.A.L. is a joint stock company established under the Code of Insurance with a paid-in capital of LBP 4,5 billion.
The contract shall become automatically effective following review of the insurance request and its acceptance and provided that Bancassurance S.A.L. issues the particular conditions.
The Capital Markets Authority of Lebanon has not passed upon or takes no responsibility for the information contained in the above-mentioned documents or for the merits of investing in this product.

All death claims under this contract are subject to inheritance tax payable by the designated beneficiary(ies).

Capital 4,500,000,000 Lebanese Pounds
CRB 75309 Beirut
Insurance company registered in the Insurance Companies Register
Under no. 241 as per Ministerial Order no. 25/1/AT dated 20/01/2000
Amended by Ministerial Order no. 222/1/AT dated 22/04/2000 and
Subject to legislative decree no. 9812 dated 04/05/1968
Tax Number - 194626
Semiramis Building, 4th floor
Weygand Street, Bab Idriss, Downtown, P.O. Box: 11 6729, Beirut – Lebanon
Phone and Fax: 961 1 960100
E-mail: [email protected]

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