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Products & services

Retail banking

Local banking services:
  • 58 branches throughout Lebanon,
  • 174 ATMs including several at major shopping centers,
  • more than 121,000 active customers,
  • 500 customer-oriented branch employees.

A complete range of products and services geared to customer needs:
  • traditional products and services and private loans,
  • flexible and competitive term deposit accounts,
  • life insurance products with or without pension and study savings plans,
  • a complete range of Visa and Mastercard credit cards in both US dollars and euros,
  • a large network of retailers who are members of the Bank's credit card payments system,
  • effective online and phone banking services,
  • the only call center in the country allowing customers to carry out secure telephone-based banking transactions.

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As a BLF client, you will enjoy various advantages and benefit from the best deals on the market.
As a young BLF card holder, you will appreciate the independence and benefits that the Youth Cards bring along.
As a Lebanese bank, Banque Libano-Française feels concerned about the well-being of the Lebanese beyond country borders.
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