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Points of sale

  • connection type: Dial Up, IP, GPRS or Bluetooth.

Authorized cards
  • VISA and MasterCard,
  • magnetic cards,
  • chip cards,
  • contactless cards.

  • rejection of any stolen (already claimed and blocked), expired or non-valid card. 

Collection of payment
The merchant’s account is credited with the amount of transactions made by customers, two working days after the remote data is sent (automatic settlement).

Banque Libano-Française regularly sends a detailed statement of transactions of the POS, to the merchant’s email address.

Maintenance and support
  • 01 or 03 24 24 77 are the phone numbers dedicated to assist merchants and provide them with the support and further information 24h/7,
  • in case of technical problems, the machine is replaced within two working days (in Beirut and the suburbs) and three working days in other regions,
  • no technical maintenance is executed at the merchant. The machine will be replaced with another immediately,
  • the machine needs electrical power and a landline that should be available when the card is passed,
  • at night, the machine shouldn’t be disconnected from the electrical power and the phone line in order to facilitate the automatic settlement.

  • commission per Visa or MasterCard transaction: 1.75%,
  • a membership of USD 100/year for Dial Up machines and USD 12/month for GPRS, IP and Bluetooth machines to cover:
    • membership fees,
    • training of staff,
    • POS installation fees,
    • maintenance fees,
    • replacing the machine in case of failure,
    • free paper rolls throughout the year,
    • POS statement of account,
  • installation fees: USD 100 for Dial Up machines and USD 120 for GPRS machines.

The merchant has to open a Visa/MasterCard account at BLF and not at other banks.

In case of loss or total destruction of the machine, the merchant should pay USD 300 for Dial Up and IP machines, or USD 1,000 for GPRS and Bluetooth machines.

Advantages for the merchant
  • simple transactions for the consumer,
  • increase of clients’ spontaneous purchases when clients pay with the card,
  • no fraudulent banknotes,
  • quick collection of transactions (24 to 48 hours),
  • no fraudulent checks,
  • more efficient cashier operation.

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