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Points Program

With the Points Program from Banque Libano-Française, the more you pay, the more you earn money!

Use your card* for your purchases in Lebanon or abroad to collect points and redeem them for cash by visiting the nearest BLF branch. 

*Eligible cards are the following in LBP, USD, and EURO: Revolving credit cards, Charge cards, Cash cards and Debit cards.
Clients who benefit from Revolving credit cards and use them as Charge cards (total reimbursement at the end of the cycle), will receive the Cash Back of the Charge card after settling the card price. 

Points Program advantages

Participating in the Points Program is automatic and free of charge. You simply have to own one of the eligible BLF cards to make your purchases. 

The grid of collected points is as follows:

Card Type Cash Back
Cash Card: Blue, Gold and Platinum 0.25%
Debit Card: Green and Blue
Charge Card: Blue 
Debit Card: Gold, Platinum and Infinite
Charge Card: Gold, Platinum, Infinite and Earth Card
Revolving Card: Blue, Gold, Platinum and Earth Card 1%

How to redeem your points
  • check the number of collected points by visiting your BLF branch,
  • fill in the application to redeem your Cash Back when the collected points exceed the minimum amount of USD 20, EUR 20 or LBP 30,000,
  • your account will be credited with the counter value of your points.

General conditions
  • collected points expire 2 years after the first card transaction,
  • using cards for cash withdrawals on ATMs does not generate points,
  • the points are collected by card,
  • free cards do not benefit from Cash Back,
  • points are not transferable from one card to another,
  • the collected points are automatically cancelled in case the related card is replaced or cancelled,
  • the minimum amount to redeem your points is USD 20 or the counter value.

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