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Locations in Lebanon

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Our bankers are at your service in our branches
  • from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday to Friday
  • from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays
You can also reach us via our Call Center on 1272 from Lebanon or 961 1 560561 from abroad
  • from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday
  • from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays
ATM locations
183 ATMs of which 64 are off premises.

Off-premises ATMs 
  • Achrafieh, ABC Mall (L0)
  • Achrafieh, Grand Lycée Français School, Administration Hall
  • Achrafieh, Monot Street, Korkmaz Building
  • Achrafieh, Sassine Square
  • Achrafieh, Total Petrol Station
  • Adlieh, AutoMall
  • Adlieh, Order of Lawyers
  • Aintoura, Saint Joseph School
  • Akkar, Kawachra Dreib Akkar North, near Nour El Huda School
  • Aley, Medco Petrol Station
  • Baabda, Beirut City Center (L1, P1)
  • Baabda, Sacré-Coeur Hospital, Administration Hall
  • Baabdat, Baabdat Municipality
  • Beirut, Zaitunay Bay
  • Beit El Dine, Total Petrol Station
  • Bikfaya, Main Road, Total Petrol Station
  • Bouar, Wardieh Gargour Petrol Station
  • Choueifat, The Spot Mall  (B1, L2)
  • Chyah, Beirut Mall (Ground Level)
  • Damour, Total Petrol Station
  • Dbayeh, ABC Mall (L1)
  • Dbayeh, Le Mall (L2)
  • Dlebta, Main Square
  • Dora, CityMall (L1)
  • Dora, Medco Petrol Station
  • Ehden, facing the Municipality
  • Enfeh, Las Salinas Resort
  • Fanar, Total Petrol Station
  • Faytroun, Bou Khalil Hypermarket
  • Furn El Shebbak, Sagesse University
  • Ghazir, Total Petrol Station
  • Halat, INDEVCO Group
  • Halat, INDEVCO Group, inside the factory
  • Hasroun
  • Hazmieh, The Backyard
  • Jamhour, Total Petrol Station
  • Jdeideh, Nahr El Mot, A. N. Bou Khater
  • Jounieh, SAKR Real Estate
  • Kab Elias, Main Highway
  • Kfardebian, Total Petrol Station
  • Koraytem, College Protestant Français
  • Maameltein, Casino du Liban
  • Naccache, Advanced Eye Care Hospital
  • Nahr Ibrahim, Liban Cables S.A.L.
  • Naqoura, UNIFIL Campus
  • Naqoura, UNIFIL Campus, Green Hill
  • Rahbeh, Main Road, Near Rahbe Municipality
  • Reyfoun, Main Road, Rayfoun Village
  • Saïda, Municipality Garden, Main Roundabout
  • Saifi, Medco Petrol Station
  • Taanayel, Medco Petrol Station
  • UNESCO, Phoenicia Petrol Station
  • USJ, Campus de l'Innovation et du Sport, Damascus Road
  • Verdun, ABC Mall (L3)
  • Zghorta, Bnachii Lake
  • Zouk, MBC (Middle East Broadcasting Center)

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