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Corporate Social Responsibility

BLF believes in renewable energy and finances Las Salinas Photovoltaic system

The population growth, the economic pressure and the effects of climate change have forcibly imposed a necessity to face the risks and absorb the effects on the Lebanese energy conundrum.

Banque Libano-Française (BLF) believes that solar energy is an inexhaustible resource that can supply a significant portion of the Lebanese electricity needs and help reduce costs in that regard.

In this context, BLF has financed the installation of a photovoltaic system at Las Salinas-Enfeh Grand Sea Resort, in North Lebanon, through the NEEREA financing mechanism in accordance with the subsidized loans of the Central Bank.

Driven to generate and use clean energy whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions from utility grid and diesel generators electric energy consumption, Las Salinas had decided to use the leading photovoltaic technology on the rooftop of one of its complexes, on the carport and on the sport court to meet its objectives.

Since January 2017 and as a result of BLF contribution, Las Salinas photovoltaic system is fully operational and is expected to save up to 296 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

This initiative is part of BLF’s engagement towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and in particular the Climate Action.

BLF values these small steps, which can contribute on a larger scale to build a better future for our children.

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