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LF Total Return Bond Fund

NAV - A 03/14/2019 132.2888
NAV - D   03/14/2019   121.6972

Fund Strategy
LF Total Return Bond Fund is an open-ended fund incorporated in Luxembourg.

The Fund’s objective is primarily the preservation of capital, with an aim to generate an optimal risk adjusted return by maximizing capital appreciation while maintaining low/stable volatility. The Fund manager, following a prudent investment approach, will look at opportunities across the global fixed income universe, with a focus on investment grade credit.

The bulk of the holdings will be comprised of strategic positions in bonds, selected based on strong credit metrics, following extensive fundamental analysis.

The Fund will also have tactical positions which aim to profit from short to medium-term market opportunities as they arise. This gives the Fund manager the opportunity to benefit from market mispricing, new issue premiums, technical momentum, negative basis trades and other pricing anomalies.

Up to 100% of NAV could be allocated to investment grade bonds with an opportunistic allocation to below investment grade bonds of up to 20% only.

Manager's Perspective
Investors seeking to extensively diversify their portfolio into a less volatile asset class and across names, geographies and sectors should seek the opportunity to invest in the LF Total Return Bond Fund.

The strategy will be focused on value-driven credit investments complying with stringent risk management policies.

The Fund is suitable for investors who want to enhance their risk-adjusted return, and have a global credit exposure with a focus on Europe, the United States, the Middle East and North Africa.

Cumulative Return
Cumulative Return: 31.79%
Annualized Return:  4.38%
Avg MoM Return:  0.36%
Annualized Standard Deviation:  2.81%

Why LF Total Return Bond Fund?
Safe Custody
  • Luxembourg domiciled, highly regulated.
  • Europe-based investment manager, regulated by FINMA (Swiss authority).
  • Geographic diversification, away from the regional turmoil and its potential local effects.
  • Transparency of investment approach and strategy.
  • Direct access to the Fund manager for inquiries and investment justifications.
  • High liquidity: weekly redemption.
Access to Global Markets
  • Access to global bond markets and opportunities, which are otherwise inaccessible to private investors.
  • Swift reaction to market events globally.
  • 4 years of strong audited track record of the Fixed Income Desk.
  • Over one year of proven track record for the Fund (AUM > 30 million).
  • BLF Group is a co-investor in the Fund, providing seed money. 
  • BLF is a known and trusted name acting as an investment advisor.
  • Thorough expertise and professionalism of the Fund management team.
Excess return
  • Better risk/reward profile than a non-domestic bank deposit.
  • Potential higher returns with capital preservation, a key objective. 
  • Prudent and disciplined investment strategy.
  • Structured decision making process, coupled with the expertise of the Fund manager.
The Terms
Target Return 3 months Libor + 460-600
Inception September 2012
Minimum Piece $100,000
Incremental $10,000
Minimum Holding $50,000
NAV Weekly (Thrusday) - Published on Friday or next business day
Open-Ended Yes
Subscription/Redemption Notice 3 working days prior to NAV
Fiscal year 31-Dec
Payment Settlement T+3
Dividend Payment A          None
  D          50% net profits per annum

Investment Manager LF Finance (Suisse) S.A.
Investment Advisor Banque Libano-Française
Auditors Deloitte Audit - Luxembourg
Legal Advisors Dechert - Luxembourg
Custodian/Admin CACEIS - Luxembourg

Redemption Fee 0.5% in y1 | 0.25% in y2
Management Fee 0.75%
Performance Fee 10%
Hurdle Rate 3%

The Team
Jamil Koudim, CFA
Portfolio Manager

Your Private Banker, tel: + 961 1 364 850

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