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Key Person Insurance

If the success of your company’s activity depends on key persons, compensate for sudden financial losses with our Key Person Insurance.

General conditions
  • beneficiary: the company,
  • insured: a key person directly associated to your business whose loss can cause financial strain or disruption to your activity (i.e. CEO, partner, shareholder, project manager, sales manager etc.),
  • age of the insured at subscription: between 18 and 64 years old,
  • period of the contract: minimum 1 year | maximum 52 years,
  • sum insured: defined by the company at subscription,
  • premiums:
    • fixed at subscription for the whole period of the contract,
    • monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annually,
    • currency: USD or LBP,
    • settled by the company (automatically debited from the company’s account),
  • life insurance coverage: in case of death due to any cause, total permanent disability (natural or accidental), or passive war risks (optional), the insurance company will settle the insured capital to the beneficiary.

  • provide security for your company and facilitate business continuity in case of death or total permanent disability of the key person,
  • benefit from a flexible plan: at any time, the Key Person Insurance allows you to:
    • modify the sum insured and the period of the contract, 
    • cancel the contract without the signature of the insured person,
  • help your company to limit financial losses and to compensate for the:
    • costs of recruitment and training of the key person replacement,
    • occurring losses or decrease in turnover due to the absence of the key person,
    • losses resulting from the delay or cancellation of any project in which the key person was in charge of,
  • insure several key persons through various insurance plans (one contract per person).

For any additional information, please contact your nearest BLF branch or call our Call Center on 1272 or send us an email on [email protected]

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