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Kafalat Agriculture

Kafalat Agriculture was implemented in the framework of the ARDP, the "Agricultural and Rural Development Programme", funded by the European Union and executed by the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture, to finance agricultural activities and offer technical assistance to farmers.
This programme, co-financed by the EU and Kafalat S.A.L., meets the needs of small scale agriculture and tree plantation by financing projects and providing guarantees based on feasibility studies and business plans representing the viability of the suggested activity.

Small Agriculture

General conditions
  • financing amount: up to 100% of the farming and agricultural projects financing needs,
  • Kafalat guarantees the repayment of up to 85% of the outstanding amount to the Bank if the borrower fails to repay. The guarantee decreases according to the remaining due amount,
  • purpose of the loan: financing many agricultural activities:
      • purchase of new machinery and modernization of existing ones,
      • purchase of new equipment for existing farms, small fishing boats, etc.,
      • establishment of new livestock, poultry or fish farms, and increase of the number of animals in farms,
      • purchase of beehives and related accessories,
      • purchase of seeds and plants in proportion to the land surface, and purchase of irrigation equipment, nurseries and greenhouses,
      • reconstruction of terraces, tanks, and storage rooms,
      • working capital,
      • postharvest, processing, marketing, packaging and exporting.

Loan characteristics
  • loan amount: up to LBP 65 million, 
  • loan period: up to 7 years (including the grace period), 
  • regressive monthly repayment,
  • grace period: from 6 to 12 months (on capital and interests), 
  • interest rate: 40% of the 1-year Lebanese Treasury Bills Yield (TBY’s) + 3% (currently 5.14%),
  • interest rates subsidized by the Central Bank: up to 4.5% over a maximum period of 7 years, 
  • Kafalat commission: 2.5% of the value of the Kafalat guarantee,
  • fiscal stamps : 0.3% of the value of the Kafalat guarantee,
  • no additional guarantees.

  • beneficiaries: individual, sole proprietorship, simple partnership, limited liability company, joint stock company, cooperative or NGO operating in the Agriculture sector and registered as an entity in Lebanon,
  • start-ups and already existing SMEs,
  • SMEs with less than 40 registered employees (at the date of submission of the loan application),
  • institutions should not have been in default under any credit agreement for the 3 years preceding the date of the loan application,
  • institutions should present annual audited accounting balances and financial statements certified by an auditing firm / an accredited freelance auditor.

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