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Income Compensation Insurance Plan

With the Income Compensation Insurance Plan, you can avoid financial losses in case of hospitalization due to an accident or a sickness. This plan also covers the reimbursement of ambulance fees and permanent partial disability due to an accident. 

  • fixed daily indemnity, for individuals or married couples, paid over a maximum period of 21 consecutive days (up to 42 days per year) in the event of hospitalization due to:
    • an accident (initial cover),
    • a sickness (optional cover),
  • reimbursement of ambulance fees: maximum twice per year (optional cover),
    • permanent partial disability in case of loss of one eye, one hand or one foot: up to USD 10,000 (optional cover) 
  • age of the insured at subscription: between 20 and 54 years, 
  • premiums: predetermined monthly premiums starting from USD 2 regardless of the insured age or profession, automatically deducted from your BLF bank account, 
  • advantages and benefits:
    • flexible plan,
    • no medical requirements,
    • instant issuance of policy,
    • automatic monthly renewal. 

Coverages and prices
    Initial Coverage Additional Optional Coverages
    Hospitalization due to an accident Hospitalization due to sickness* Reimbursement of ambulance fees Permanent partial disability
 Individual Coverage USD 200/day
Up to 21 consecutive days
USD 100/day
Up to 21 consecutive days
2 cases/year Up to USD 10,000 following an accident
Deductible** 1 day 3 days - -
Monthly premium USD 2 Additional monthly premium:
Additional monthly premium: USD 1
Married couple
One person Coverage USD 200/day
Up to 21 consecutive days
 USD 100/day
Up to 21 consecutive days
2 cases/year/person Up to USD 10,000/person following an accident
Two persons  USD 300/day
Up to 21 consecutive days
USD 150/day
Up to 21 consecutive days

Deductible**  1 day/person 3 days/person - -
Monthly premium USD 4 Additional monthly premium:
Additional monthly premium: USD 2

*Cover starts 7 days following the signature date. For hospitalization due to sickness, an additional waiting period of 15 days is applicable.
**Number of days after which the indemnity is paid.

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