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IFC and BLF Partner to Promote Sustainable Energy Finance

June 03, 2011
The International Finance Corporation (IFC) and BLF launched on Friday, June 3rd, a sustainable energy finance initiative aimed at developing financial products to help Lebanese companies use resources more efficiently, enhance the competitiveness of their products and services, improve profitability, and help protect the environment.

IFC is partnering with BLF in the first sustainable energy finance project with a bank in the MENA region, aimed at expanding access to finance for projects that will save energy and other resources.

Over the coming year, the project will support strategic product development and provide sustainable energy finance training and tools, allowing BLF to offer clients energy and resource efficiency opportunities. This will enable BLF to rapidly scale up sustainability-related lending to meet the energy needs of the Lebanese market, particularly small and medium businesses looking to increase their resource efficiency.

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