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Housing Savings Plan

Ensure your future house (HSP youth) or a future house for your children (HSP parents) with the Housing Savings Plan* from Banque Libano-Française.

  • beneficiary: each Savings Plan can be allocated to one of your children,
  • age of the insured at subscription:
    • between 18 and 70 years old (HSP parents),
    • between 18 and 30 years old (HSP youth),
  • period of contract:
    • minimum 5 years | maximum: until the insured reaches the age of 75 (HSP parents),
    • minimum 5 years | maximum: until the insured reaches the age of 35 (HSP youth),
  • currency: USD,
  • premiums:
    • monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual settlements,
    • minimum amount: USD 50 per month, 
    • constant or progressive premiums according to the annual indexation rate of your choice, 
    • ability to settle additional payments at any moment (minimum required USD 100),
  • competitive annual return on savings,
  • life insurance coverage to guarantee the continuity of the savings plan whatever happens to you.

  • build up a capital that can be used as a down payment to finance the finance the purchase of your child's future home or yours,  
  • availability of funds: possibility of withdrawing the saved amount totally at any time starting the fourth year with no penalties,
  • access to the Housing Loan** with a guaranteed and predefined discount on the applicable interest rate,
  • no file fees and expertise fees on the Housing Loan** associated with the savings plan.

**Subject to eligibility

Age of the beneficiary
Monthly premium
(in USD)
Duration of the contract
Total paid premiums
(in USD)
Capital received at 30 years**
(in USD)
25 1 75 29 26,200 48,623
30 2 100 28 33,700 60,643
35 5 150 25 45,100 74,648
40 9 200 21 50,500 74,962
45 11 250 19 57,100 79,389

**Based on an annual projection of 4.5%.
N.B.: the total premiums paid include the initial payment of USD 100.

*The Housing Savings Plan (HSP) is issued by Bancassurance S.A.L. (CR: 75309, Beirut), a life insurance company affiliated to Banque Libano-Française.
Bancassurance S.A.L. is a joint stock company established under the Code of Insurance with a paid-in capital of LBP 4,5 billion.

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