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Home Insurance Plan

With the Home Insurance Plan, insure your home and protect your personal assets against fire, natural disasters and theft. 

  • Cover A - Fire and allied perils:
    • compensation for the material damage caused to the insured home and its contents due to fire, explosion, lightning or impact of vehicles,
    • liability towards third parties and neighbors recourse (material damage) due to fire and explosion,
  • Cover B - Natural disasters (optional):
    • compensation for the material damage caused to the insured home and its contents due to earthquakes, storms or tempests, 
  • Cover C - Theft by forcible entry, water damage and property replacement (optional):
    • loss, destruction or damage of the insured home contents resulting from theft by a visible forcible entry,
    • material loss or damage of the insured home and its contents caused by accidental leakage or overflow of water,
    • fixed daily indemnity to cover the home replacement expenses in case the home of the insured becomes unfit for occupation following an accident or a serious damage.

  • predetermined monthly or annual premiums automatically deducted from your BLF bank account,
  • minimum amount: USD 2 per month.
Advantages and benefits
  • flexible plan,
  • instant issuance of policy,
  • automatic monthly or annual renewal,
  • possibility to choose the most suitable coverage that meets your needs.

Examples of tariffs
Based on monthly premiums
Residence value in USD  Contents value in USD Cover A in USD Cover A + B in USD Cover A + C in USD Cover A + B + C in USD
40,000  20,000 4 6 10 12
120,000 40,000  10 15 19 24
200,000  80,000 18 29 34 45

The insured property should be for residential purposes only, completely built and equipped for occupancy.
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