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Debit Gold EURO

Use your Euro card in the Euro Zone and avoid exchange fees.

General conditions
  • type: direct debit card,
  • brand: Visa,
  • currency: EUR,
  • validity: 2 years, automatically renewable,
  • usage: in Lebanon or abroad, on POS and ATMs.

Card limits
  • monthly limit: from EUR 4,000 to EUR 25,000, 
  • daily purchase limit: card limit,
  • daily cash withdrawal limit: card limit, with a maximum of EUR 3,000.

Standard card fees
  • annual card fee: EUR 120,
  • replacement card fee: EUR 30,
  • Euro Gold card to any BLF cardholder: EUR 70,
  • Point Sms®: EUR 1/month (mandatory).

ATM withdrawals fees
  • BLF Point Cash® ATM: EUR 0/transaction,
  • SGBL ATM: EUR 1,
  • other ATMs in Lebanon or abroad: 1,5% with a minimum of EUR 5/transaction.
Optional card services
  • Euro card at a preferential rate,
  • optional annual subscription to the VIP priority pass: USD 50 and airport lounges visit fees: USD 27/person,
  • possibility to add your photo on the back of the card (free of charge and highly recommended). 

Card insurance coverage and assistance services
  • death, injury, and disability insurance coverage up to USD 100,000; check the Gold card personal accident policy details here
  • insurance coverage on purchased items with the card up to USD 5,000; check the Gold card purchase protection policy details here,
  • free Schengen insurance up to EUR 50,000, regardless of the flight ticket purchase,
  • Axa Middle East travel assistance coverage: flight delay and luggage loss up to EUR 50,000, whether the trip expenses are settled by the card or not, check the Gold card travel assistance details here
  • insurance certificate to obtain the Schengen, American or Canadian visa.

Card advantages
  • limit of authorized overdraft lines, 
  • above all, the more you use your BLF card* to pay for your purchases in Lebanon and abroad, the more you will collect points that will allow you to cash in reward money! With BLF, the more you spend, the more you earn!

*Customers who benefit from free cards will not be entitled to cash back even if it is mentioned in the SMS sent to them each month at the end of the cycle. 
Furthermore, Revolving cards used as Charge cards (reimbursement at the end of the cycle), will receive Cash Back after paying the Charge card's price.

Notice: In case of loss, theft or suspected fraud, immediately contact the BLF assistance card center (active 24 hours a day, seven days a week) on 961-1 or 3- 24 24 77 or our Call Center - Point Call® - on 1272.

Other benefits are to be discovered!
Visit the nearest Banque Libano-Française branch or call your customer adviser on 961-1 or 3- 79 13 32 or contact our Call Center - Point Call® - on 1272. 

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