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Compulsory Car Insurance

Product features
  • non-life insurance covering the driver’s legal liability in terms of physical injury that the insured vehicle could cause to third parties on the Lebanese territory, this amount reaching up to LBP 750 million
  • annual premium: LBP 68,000 paid once, upon the issuance of the insurance policy
  • duration of the contract: 1 year, non-renewable
  • in case of an accident, the insurance company covers physical injury caused to third parties by the insured vehicle accordingly to the Lebanese law on compulsory car insurance (Decree Number: 77/105)
  • the insurance policy takes effect on the same day it is issued at the branch, once the customer has signed the contract and settled the payment of the premium
  • payment can be made in cash or by debiting the customer’s account
  • the amount of the premium is not related to the year of production of the vehicle nor to its model
  • no amendment can be done on the compulsory car insurance contract
  • under no circumstance can the insurance policy be transferred from one vehicle to another
  • the contract can be cancelled upon the emission day only

Conditions for eligibility
  • the insured vehicle must be for private use. Rental cars, taxis, trucks, pick-ups, and motorcycles are excluded
  • every customer has the right to subscribe to only one compulsory car insurance policy per vehicle
  • subscriber’s age: minimum 18 years
  • there is no limit as to the maximum age, as long as the subscriber holds a valid driver’s license

Required documents
  • registration papers of the vehicle

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