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Call for Proposals

Description and objectives
As part of its partnership with the United Nations Development Programme – Lebanon (UNDP) to support environmental sustainability in Lebanon, a 5-year competition was launched in September 2011, in order to enable Lebanese stakeholders to implement projects addressing energy and the environment, while raising awareness about these issues.
The theme for the 2016 competition is “Solid Waste Management” to finance projects focusing on but not limited to:
  • innovative sorting at source initiatives,
  • pilot recycling initiatives within small villages, schools, universities, etc.,
  • small-scale composting; and
  • upcycling.

Eligible applicants
BLF and the UNDP invite stakeholders from the following eligible groups to submit proposals about environmental awareness: youth groups, local communities, national and local NGOs, academic institutions, including schools (private or public), scout organizations and charities. Projects of applicants that would have an impact on the community/village should include an endorsement letter from the relevant municipality. 

BLF and the UNDP will not be able to support proposals from the private sector, governmental institutions (including municipalities), or individuals.

Evaluation criteria
BLF and the UNDP will consider proposals of up to USD 20,000 per project, based on the following criteria: achievability, innovation and creativity, relevance, target/beneficiaries, potential for partnership, measurability and sustainability.

The suggested action should extend at most over a 12-month period.

A panel of experts will review the proposals to select the most promising ones for implementation within each year.

Download the proposal here or from www.undp.org.lb

The proposal (and relevant annexed documents) should be submitted in hard copy at UNDP Office:

Ms. Dima Machnouk
Private Sector Assistant
United Nations Development Programme
Arab African Bank Building, 4th Floor
Banks Street, Riad el Solh
Beirut 2011 5211
Tel. +961-1-962500
Email: [email protected]

The deadline to submit proposals for the 2015-2016 competition has passed.
Results will be announced soon.

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