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Corporate Social Responsibility


Banque Libano-Française is strongly committed to meeting its customers’ needs by providing them with an array of products, as well as professional service and personalized advice. With its expanding network of branches, BLF strives to cover as many geographic regions in the Lebanese territory as possible to make products accessible to all Lebanese.

In addition to encouraging entrepreneurship through the support to business incubators and events such as Horeca, Bader, Berytech, BIAT, BLF also empowers youth by providing them insight into the working realities of the Banking Sector through the organization of various conferences at universities and open doors at BLF premises. BLF also creates for children aged 7-14 their first contact with the banking world through “[email protected]”, a financial game.

In line with its efforts to adequately measure its clients’ experience and employees’ performance, Banque Libano-Française constantly monitors its customer service through mystery shoppers and customer satisfaction surveys. In the past two years, the Bank’s branch customer satisfaction reached 94% according to a survey conducted by IPSOS in BLF branches. 
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