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Corporate Social Responsibility

Banque Libano-Française removes plastic straws from its canteens

According to the United Nations, nearly 9 million tons of plastic are thrown in the ocean each year, 2 million of which being plastic straws. 

Therefore, within the framework of its CSR Strategy and commitment to reduce its impact on the environment, BLF removed straws from its canteens in Hamra, Kantari and Fassouh, which cater to a total number of 455 employees.

Plastic straws have a very negative impact on the environment as they are single use items that sometimes end up in the oceans, polluting water and killing marine life. Since they are not biodegradable, straws degrade into smaller pieces which marine animals ingest, consequently introducing plastic into our food chain. 

This initiative follows various eco-friendly projects that BLF has adopted since 2010, including the recycling of paper, electronic waste, metal cans, and the banning of plastic cups and cutlery. 

Everyone can help reduce plastic waste by ditching plastic straws, drinking from reusable cups and encouraging those around to do the same!

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