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Corporate Social Responsibility

7 years of paper recycling at BLF, and still counting

In line with our commitment to social responsibility, we, at BLF, have taken a green step and started recycling papers in all our Bank premises since 2011 reaching 490,000 Kg of paper collected.
What started as a small step turned out to be a turning point:
- 8,331 trees saved
- 12,985,848 liters of water saved
- 980.138 barrels of oil saved
- 1,960,276 kilowatt hours of electricity saved
- 1,123 cubic meter of landfill saved. 

Seeing results as such has truly given us a brighter perspective for the Lebanon of tomorrow and a stronger belief in the power of humankind. So let’s sustain together this simple paper recycling habit. We count on you! 

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