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A partner for your ambitions

Banque Libano-Française adopted in 2006 a new signature "A partner for your ambitions." As its corporate campaigns make clear, the Bank is highly committed to investing time, effort and funds in helping thousands of Lebanese realize their ambitions, each thus becoming a new building block in the reconstructed economy of the country. Be it through these thousands of successful clients or the syndicated loans the Bank arranged for financing Lebanon's main reconstruction projects, Banque Libano-Française is a dynamic participant in the rebirth of the local economy and a great beacon of trust in its future.

Furthermore, the Bank firmly believes in supporting and promoting the ambitions of the community in which it exists and operates. By providing the members of Banque Libano-Française’s community with the means to achieve their individual aspirations, the Bank makes its contribution to the promotion of social development, art, cultural heritage or youth entrepreneurship – thus becoming indeed a true 'partner for your ambitions.'
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