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Youth Package 14-18

Let your child manage his/her pocket money independently and benefit from the advantages that Banque Libano-Française offers with the Youth Package 14-18.

Access a whole host of features, benefits, discounts, offers and much more with the current account for children between 14 and 18 years old. 
  • a chance to enter a draw to win one of five scholarships of USD 2,000 each,
  • a welcome gift upon opening the account with a minimum amount of USD 100 or the counter value in LBP,
  • preferential interest rates on the current account balance,
  • free debit Youth Card for your child to settle his/her purchases at merchants and withdraw cash from a large ATM network in Lebanon and abroad,
  • free subscription to Point SMS® service to track your child’s Youth Card transactions,
  • optional prepaid Youth Card for a secure online shopping with a predefined budget,
  • free subscription to e-Banking Point Com® and Call Center Point Call® services for your child to check his/her account 24/7,
  • new optional Youth Deposit Account with attractive interest rates automatically renewed at maturity to save a fund for your child at a young age,
  • free standing orders for automatic transfers to the Youth Deposit Account to build up a savings for your child at your convenience,
  • special discounts at our selected partners when using the debit Youth Card*. Check out the offers on www.luckytobeyoung.com,
  • package monthly fee: USD 1 only.

*Ask for your customized Youth Card at any BLF branch.

A draw to win one of five scholarships of USD 2,000 each!

With BLF Youth Package 14-18, your child can win one of five scholarships for USD 2,000 delivered to you through a banker’s check in the name of your child’s school/university.

Eligibility criteria to enter the draw 

To let your child participate in the draw, you should:
  • open for him/her a Youth Package 14-18 between May 13th and October 30th, 2015,
  • maintain in the account a minimum average balance of USD 100 or the counter value in LBP during the period of the campaign.
To increase your chances of winning:
  • issue for your child the Debit Youth Card and let him/her use it at least once for his/her daily purchases, 
  • open a Youth Deposit Account for your child, 
  • increase your child’s Youth Deposit account balance, 
  • subscribe to an Educational Savings Plan or a Housing Savings Plan.

Discover how you can increase your chances of winning
Issuance of a Debit Youth Card 14-18  5 chances granted at first usage
Opening of a Youth Deposit Account with a minimum amount of USD 300 or the c/v in LBP 7 chances
Every additional USD 1,000 or the c/v in the Youth Deposit Account 1 chance
Subscription to the Educational Savings Plan or the Housing Savings Plan with a minimum of two settled premiums 5 chances

The draw will be held on November 10, 2015 under the supervision of the Lebanese National Lottery (License no. 1/409 dated 09/05/2015)

  • the five winners will be contacted to receive their prizes after the draw, 
  • once notified, the winners have 4 months to collect their prizes.


For any additional information, please contact your nearest BLF branch or our Call Center on 1272 or send us an email on info@eblf.com

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