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14-18 years

The independents. Rise of the youth.

Are you between 14 and 18?

Want more independence?
Gain some freedom with the Youth Package from Banque Libano-Française! Open your own account and access a whole host of features, benefits, discounts, offers and much more.

With the Youth Package from BLF, and for only 1 USD/month, you can:
  • Open a bank account designed to satisfy your needs
  • Get a free debit card
  • Settle your purchases at merchants in Lebanon and abroad with your payment card
  • Withdraw cash from a wide range of ATM’s locally and abroad
  • Track all your transactions through our free SMS service
  • Manage your accounts through our free E-banking & Call Center services
  • Get useful advice from our banking advisors
  • Manage your pocket money independently
  • Save money for your outings and shopping
  • Benefit from special offers and discounts with our selected partners*
  • Discover your “banking profile”, buying tips, the characteristics of the perfect banker, fun games, and a lot of exclusive options on the website especially designed for you:
    www.youthpackage.com, and win many valuable gifts!

*Ask for the catalogue listing all the offers as well as your customized Youth Card at any BLF branch.
Banque SBA LF Finance (Suisse) Bank Al-Sharq BLF Trade Youth Package.com
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