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Human capital & Training

Human capital

Employment at Banque Libano-Française has been on a significant upward trend over the last five years. The number of employees reached 1,186 by the end of December 2015. This is mainly due to the Bank expansion strategy in Lebanon.

At the same time, figures show that the average age decreased from 40.56 years old in 2009 to 38.44 years old in 2015 due to the recruitment of younger employees.

Along with the decrease in the average age and increase of the total staff, the evolution of female number has remarkably increased during the last 6 years. In view of the fact that gender equality in composition and staffing is as a key element in BLF Human Resources approach, the total number of female employees grew to reach 57.19% of the Bank staff at the end of 2015, coming from 49.59% in 2009, as the following table shows:

In addition to the employees' growth based on a gender equality policy, the Bank team is comprised of highly skilled individuals, most of whom have a successful academic and professional track record.

The latest figures of the education level at Banque Libano-Française show an increase in recruiting highly educated staff, as the Human Resources Division constantly strives to attract, motivate, and retain a talented workforce.


Thus, the Bank strives to provide its employees with the opportunity to develop their potentials and professional skills. The staff is assisted in attending specific training programs. In 2015, the Bank provided 33,329.75 training hours:

The training is provided by the Bank to its employees, both in-house and through outside seminars and programs and covers both technical and managerial aspects. Management training is primarily dealt with internally by middle and senior executives. Through its in-house training programs, the Bank aims at establishing a common commercial culture among its employees.

In order to build a better framework for the training sessions provided to the staff, Banque Libano-Française created in 2009 a comprehensive training center equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and covering a wide range of programs.
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