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Locations in Lebanon

Click here to check our branches and ATM locator

Our bankers are at your service in our branches
  • from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday to Friday
  • from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays
You can also reach us via our Call Center on 1272 from Lebanon or 961-1-560561 from abroad
  • from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday
  • from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays
ATM locations
133 ATMs of which 38 are off premises.

ATM off premises
  1. Adlieh, Order of Lawyers
  2. Anfe, Las Salinas, Grand Cinemas entrance
  3. Baabdat, Baabdat municipality
  4. Beirut, Adlieh area, Auto Mall entrance
  5. Beirut, Achrafieh, ABC shopping Mall, L0
  6. Beirut, Achrafieh, Grand Lycée Français School, Administration hall
  7. Beirut, Achrafieh, Monot Street, Korkmaz Bldg.
  8. Beirut, Acharafieh-Sassine, old BLF branch
  9. Beirut, Kantari, Commerce & Finance Bldg.
  10. Beirut, Koraytem, College Protestant Français 
  11. Bouar, Wardieh station
  12. Broumana, Grand Hills
  13. Damour, Total Petrol Station
  14. Dbayeh, ABC Mall
  15. Dbayeh, Le Mall 
  16. Dora, Medco Petrol Station
  17. Furn El Shebbak, Université La Sagesse
  18. Halat, Indevco group, inside the factory
  19. Hazmieh, Beirut City Center, L1 & L3,
  20. Hazmieh, Bou Khalil Hypermarket
  21. Hazmieh, Sacré-Coeur Hospital, Administration hall
  22. Jamhour, Total Petrol Station
  23. Jal El Dib, Beirut Highway, sea side, City Mall, 1st floor
  24. Maameltein, Casino du Liban
  25. Nakoura, Unifil Campus
  26. Saida, Municipality garden
  27. Saida, Le Mall
  28. Saifi, Medco Petrol Station
  29. Tayyouneh, Chyah, Beirut Mall
  30. Zghorta, Bnachii Lake
  31. Zouk, MBC (Middle East Broadcasting Center)

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