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1. How can I subscribe to Point Com® (Internet Banking)?
To subscribe to Point Com®, you may contact your BLF branch or the following number : +961-1-791 332 ext. 1272.
2. Which Internet browsers are compatible with BLF Internet Banking?
The browser requirement for BLF Internet Banking is Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.01or newer or Netscape Navigator® 4.08 and Netscape Communicator 4.73 andnewer. Macintosh® users require Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.51 or newer. To download a browser, click here.
  • Netscape Navigator is a registered trademark of Netscape Communications Corp. All rights reserved.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved.
  • Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Computers, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
3. Can I change my usercode on Point Com® and Point Phone®?
Your usercode is randomly computer-generated and can't be changed. To memorize it more easily, you may write it down on the "Memo card" that has been delivered to you when you subscribed to one of the services.
4. Can I subscribe to Point Com® and Point Phone® from abroad?
Yes ! Just contact the Manager of your BLF branch. The Manager will send you a contract by fax or mail. You will have to sign this contract and return it to your branch by the same means. You will then get your username/password by fax, email or phone. To know the phone number of your branch, click here.
5. How can I transfer money to my account from abroad?
To make transfers from abroad in favor of your account at Banque Libano-Française, please use the following transfer details:
  • In favor of: Banque Libano-Française SAL, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Swift Code: BLFSLBBX
  • IBAN: International Bank Account Number Refer to QXX for more details in how you can get your IBAN
  • Account to be Credited: your name and address in Lebanon
  • Account number: your account number at Banque Libano-Française SAL
  • Branch: the Branch of your account in Lebanon
6. What is the IBAN?
As per BDL Basic circular No. 120, the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is to be used in the processing of domestic and international bank transfers.

IBAN was created to facilitate money transfer. IBAN allows sender banks to verify the validity of the provided beneficiary account number. Especially issued for each account, the IBAN consists of a compound number of 28 digits (letters and numbers).

In order to get the new IBAN related to your accounts, kindly check your account statement or generate your IBAN throught our WebSite Access using your account number.
7. I would like to apply for a job at BLF. How and to whom should I send my resume?
You can send your CV by fax (01-791332 ext. 1444) or by clicking on "Apply Online", in the Careers section.
8. What do codes used in account statements mean?
  • ACC Letter of Credit
  • ACH Currency Purchase
  • AGI Closing Entries
  • ANN Cancellation
  • ARB Arbitrage
  • ASS Insurance Cover
  • AVA Aval
  • BTR Treasury Bills
  • CAU Guarantee
  • CDO Documentary Credit
  • CHA Advised Cheque
  • CHB Banker's Cheque
  • CHC Cleared Cheques
  • CHQ Cheque No…
  • COF Safe Rental
  • COM Commission
  • COR Correspondent Commission
  • CPS Coupons/ Dividends
  • DEB Provision Refund
  • DIF Difference
  • EFF Bill
  • ENC Bills Proceeds
  • ESC Bills Discounted
  • FRA Charges
  • GAR Values in Custody
  • IMP Unpaid Item
  • INT Interest
  • MAJ Documentary Credit Increase
  • MCA Payment Credit Card
  • ODP Payment Order
  • OUV Documentary Credit Opening
  • PRO Provision
  • RCQ Cheque Remittance SBF
  • RDO Doc. Bill Proceeds
  • REA Documentary Credit Utilisation
  • REC Unpaid/ Recalled Bill
  • RED Reversal of Entry
  • REG Bills Paid
  • REM Remittance
  • RET Withdrawal
  • RIS Refund
  • RVA Amend Value Date
  • SOL Transfer of Balance
  • SOU Subscription
  • TER Forward Currency
  • TITA Securities Bought
  • TITV Securities Sold
  • TRA Travellers Cheques
  • VEN Currency Sale
  • VER Deposit
  • VIR Transfer
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