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Gift Card

Are you looking for the perfect present that will definitely please your loved ones? Surprise them with the Gift Card from Banque Libano-Française and give them the gift of choice!

The Gift Card is a prepaid and customized card that offers security and freedom of use to its beneficiary. Whatever the occasion is, whether it is a birthday, wedding, birth or others, the Gift Card, elegantly wrapped, is unquestionably the ideal present. 

The Gift Card benefits:

The card can be offered to any person regardless of his/her age and even if he/she does not hold an account at Banque Libano-Française.

The card can be used for cash withdrawals from ATMs and for purchases at merchants in Lebanon and abroad.

The card can be anonymous or personalized with the name of the cardholder on it if you wish to make it even more special.

    You can determine the amount you wish to offer (between USD 25 and USD 5,000). 

    Reloading option: The reloading option will allow you, as well as the beneficiary, to recharge the card by a single payment in cash at any BLF branch or via a bank transfer if you are a BLF client.

    The card is delivered in a package that suits all occasions, along with a greeting card.

    Card Prices:

    • USD 5 for the non-reloadable Gift Card,
    • USD 10 for the reloadable Gift Card.

    2 working days after being requested online, the Gift Card can be picked up from your branch.

    Only the legal guardian is authorized to request a prepaid card for the minor.

    The Bank reserves the right to refuse the delivery of a prepaid card with no obligation to justify this refusal.

    Notice: In case of loss, theft or suspected fraud, immediately contact the BLF assistance card center (active 24 hours a day, seven days a week) on 961-1 or 3- 24 24 77 or our Call Center - Point Call® - on 1272.

    Other benefits are to be discovered:

    To discover the other benefits of the card, visit the nearest Banque Libano-Française branch, call your customer adviser on 961-1 or 3- 79 13 32, or contact our Call Center - Point Call®  on 1272.
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