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Earth Card

Shop to support nature
Wouldn’t it be great if every time you made a purchase, you helped the planet? Now you can!
Use the Earth Card from Banque Libano-Française for your daily transactions and make Lebanon greener. BLF will allocate part of the revenues generated from the card to finance eco-friendly projects in Lebanon under the supervision of the United Nations Development Program – Lebanon (UNDP).
This exclusive card, in collaboration with MasterCard® and UNDP, is the first-of-its-kind in the country, made of eco-friendly material, and the perfect way to support nature and protect Lebanon's environment. Going green? Just go shopping!

General conditions
  • type: Revolving or Charge credit card | Platinum,
  • brand: MasterCard,
  • currency: USD or LBP,
  • validity: 2 years,
  • usage: in Lebanon or abroad, on POS and ATMs.

Monthly reimbursement
  • end of cycle : the 25th of the month,
  • monthly cycle for settlement: the 25th of the month + 10 days,
  • grace period: up to 40 days on all purchases.

For Revolving cards:
  • 5% with a minimum of USD 35 or counter value in LBP,
  • 10% with a minimum of USD 50 or counter value in LBP,
  • 20% with a minimum of USD 75 or counter value in LBP.

For Charge cards:
  • 100%, no minimum.

Card fees and rates
  • option 1: without subscription
    • annual fees: free of charge, 
    • annual interest rate: (cash withdrawals – purchases): 1.67% - 1.9%.
  • option 2: with subscription
    • annual subscription: USD 45 or the counter value in LBP,
    • annual interest rate: (cash withdrawals – purchases) : 1.5% - 1.75%.
  • For both options:
    • replacement card fee: USD 20 or the counter value in LBP,
    • late payment fee: USD 15 or the counter value in LBP,
    • overdraft fee: USD 20 or the counter value in LBP,
    • new PIN code issuance fee: USD 5 or the counter value in LBP.

ATM withdrawal charges
  • BLF Point Cash® ATM: USD 1/transaction or the counter value in LBP,
  • SGBL ATM: 1.5% with a minimum of USD 5/transaction or the counter value in LBP,
  • other ATMs in Lebanon or abroad: 1.5% with a minimum of USD 5/transaction or the counter value in LBP.

Card limits
  • limit: from USD 500 to USD 10,000 or the counter value in LBP,
  • purchase limit/day: card limit,
  • purchase limit/cycle: card limit,
  • cash withdrawal limit/day: USD 1,000 or the counter value in LBP,
  • cash withdrawal/cycle: USD 3,000 or the counter value in LBP.

Optional card services
  • optional annual subscription to the VIP Priority Pass: USD 50 and airport lounges visit fees: USD 27/person, 
  • possibility to add your photo on the back of the card (free of charge and highly recommended).

Card advantages
  • Point Sms®: USD 1/month (mandatory),
  • Euro card at a preferential rate,
  • insurance: purchase protection and extended warranty,
  • unlimited access* to airport lounges in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Amman, Kuwait and Jeddah, upon card presentation,
  • discounts on travel and hotel reservations through the website “Cleartriptravel Discount”: www.cleartrip.ae/offers/united-states/Mastercad,
  • discounts on the “Chauffeur Ride” service through “Careem” mobile application,
  • discounts on online shopping through the websites: markavip.com and myus.com,
  • with every purchase, a part of the revenues generated by the card will be used to finance projects aiming at preserving the environment in Lebanon, under the supervision of UNDP – Lebanon.

*Unlimited access for cardholders only

Applicant’s eligibility
  • nationality: Lebanese,
  • age: 21 - 64,
  • occupation: the applicant should be:
    • an employee with a steady job and income for more than 18 months,
    • a self-employed with a minimum 3-year work experience in the same field,
  • minimum required monthly income:
    • LBP 1,000,000 for employees,
    • LBP 2,000,000 for self-employed.

Required documents*
  • identity card/certificate of individual civil status,
  • proof of residence (a certificate from the mayor, an electricity or a phone bill | 6 months old maximum),
  • proof of income:
    • for employees: authenticated salary certificate (salary slip accepted only for military members),
    • for self-employed: balance sheet, bank account statement, agendas, others - on a case-by-case basis,
  • copy of NSSF card (National Social Security Fund), if necessary,
  • a letter of domiciliation of your card bill from your bank, if you are not a BLF customer

*All documents should be provided within a maximum period of 7 working days from your card application submission date

Conditions apply as at 31/05/2016 and subject to variation

Example of a MasterCard Earth Revolving card* in USD with a USD 5,000 credit limit, an 18% annual interest on purchases and 21% on cash withdrawals, a 10% monthly reimbursement of the due amount, a USD 45 annual membership fee, and a USD 1 Sms service monthly fee, the Annual Percentage Rate - APR is 20.45%.

*Subject to pre-study and approval of the card application

Every credit facility is an engagement and must be reimbursed. Check your repayment capacities before you apply.

To subscribe, learn more about our card eligibility requirements and requested documents by visiting the nearest BLF branch where our customer advisors will be pleased to share with you and customize a simulation, including your Annual Percentage Rate - APR based on your selected card. 

Notice: In case of loss, theft or suspected fraud, immediately contact the BLF assistance card center (active 24 hours a day, seven days a week) on 961-1 or 3- 24 24 77 or our Call Center - Point Call® - on 1272.

Other benefits are to be discovered!
Visit the nearest Banque Libano-Française branch or call your customer advisor on 961-1 or 3- 79 13 32 or contact our Call Center - Point Call® - on 1272.

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