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Earth Card

Shop to support nature
Wouldn’t it be great if every time you made a purchase, you helped the planet? Now you can!
Use the Earth Card from Banque Libano-Française for your daily transactions and make Lebanon greener. BLF will allocate part of the revenues generated from the card to finance eco-friendly projects in Lebanon under the supervision of the United Nations Development Program – Lebanon (UNDP).
This exclusive card, in collaboration with MasterCard® and UNDP, is the first-of-its-kind in the country, made of eco-friendly material, and the perfect way to support nature and protect Lebanon's environment. Going green? Just go shopping!

General conditions
  • brand: MasterCard®,
  • type: revolving and charge | Platinum,
  • currency: USD or LBP,
  • validity: 2 years,
  • usage: Lebanon and abroad.

Monthly reimbursement
  • for Revolving cards:
    • 5% with a minimum of USD 35 or c/v in LBP,
    • 10% with a minimum of USD 50 or c/v in LBP,
    • 20% with a minimum of USD 75 or c/v in LBP,
    • grace period: up to 40 days,
    • monthly settlement cycle: 25th of the month + 10 days.
  • for Charge cards:
    • 100% of the outstanding balance,
    • monthly settlement cycle: 25th of the month + 10 days. 

Card fees and rates
    • first option: Revolving cards
      • annual card fees: null, 
      • annual interest rate: (ATM – POS): 20% - 23%,
    • second option: Revolving and Charge cards
      • annual subscription: USD 45 or LBP 67,500,
      • annual interest rate: (ATM – POS) : 18% - 21%,
    • for both options:
      • replacement card: USD 20 or c/v in LBP,
      • late payment fee: USD 15 or c/v in LBP,
      • over-limit fee: USD 20 or c/v in LBP,
      • issuance of a new PIN code: USD 5 or c/v in LBP.

Card limits
  • Purchasing limit: USD 500 to USD 10,000 or c/v in LBP,
  • POS payment limit/day: USD 10,000 or c/v in LBP,
  • POS payment limit/cycle: USD 10,000 or c/v in LBP,
  • ATM withdrawal limit/day: USD 1,000 or c/v in LBP,
  • ATM withdrawal/cycle: USD 3,000 or c/v in LBP.

Optional card services
  • possibility to add a photo on the back of the card (highly recommended).

Card advantages
  • Euro card with a preferential rate,
  • insurance: purchase protection and extended warranty,
  • access to airport lounges in Dubai, Cairo, Kuwait and the UAE, upon card presentation,
  • VIP Priority Pass: USD 50/year with visit fees,
  • Point SMS®: USD 1/month.

ATM withdrawal charges
  • BLF Point Cash®: USD 1/transaction or c/v in LBP,
  • SGBL ATM: 1.5% with a minimum of USD 5/transaction or c/v in LBP,
  • Other ATMs in Lebanon or abroad: 1.5% with a minimum of USD 5 or c/v in LBP.

Notice: In case of loss, theft or suspected fraud, immediately contact the BLF assistance card center (active 24 hours a day, seven days a week) on 961-1 or 3- 24 24 77 or our Call Center - Point Call® - on 1272.

Other benefits are to be discovered!
To discover the card other benefits, visit the nearest Banque Libano-Française branch or call your customer adviser on 961-1 or 3- 79 13 32 or contact our Call Center - Point Call® - on 1272.
Call for Proposals
As part of its partnership with the United Nations Development Programme – Lebanon (UNDP) to support environmental sustainability in Lebanon, Banque Libano-Française is launching a competition over...
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