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Corporate Social Responsibility
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Valuing our employees

At Banque Libano-Française, our employees are central to our success and have always been at the heart of how we operate. We consistently strive to attract, motivate and retain a talented workforce. In this context, we are strongly fostering a performance culture where accomplishments are rewarded with development opportunities, career advancements as well as bonuses through effective Human Resources management.
In addition to developing the careers of our employees, we are renowned for our strongly established internal communication structure which aims at informing our staff to ensure transparency, at building an organizational culture among our BLF family to foster belongingness and at keeping the communication lines open between all employees and management.
The above mentioned internal communications strategy is implemented through an area of effective communications tools such as our Intranet which has been up and running since 2002 and helps employees perform more efficiently by granting them first hand and quick access to key information related to the bank as well as educative business information related to the market (competitions' watch, market trends, mediatheque, daily press clippings).

Other internal communication vehicles which foster a two-way communication are our internal newsletter, our suggestion box, discussion Forum, internal posters, internal screensavers, internal gatherings, the appointment of several committees with clearly defined missions in chare of strategic activities, our yearly updated employee handbook, our internal phone directory, our change management campaigns, our internal gatherings and events, a special program for the integration of newcomers, internal challenges and quizzes, as well as the internal campaigns including posters, banners, screensavers, employee testimonies…just to name a few. We constantly monitor our activities and seek our employee's feedback to better plan our internal activities.
Last but not least, we always work towards strengthening the relationships between our employees through various team-building activities outside of the work premises. Our bank is one of the few banks in Lebanon to have established a "Club" responsible of creating fun team building activities, which include the organization of free of charge or at reduced prices activities, trips, special offerings on products or services, etc...

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