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Corporate Social Responsibility
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Valuing our clients

We, at Banque Libano-Française, are committed to answering our customers' needs by providing them with a wide array of high quality services and products they seek.

We conduct our business in an ethical and transparent manner and comply with international norms to give our customers the respect they deserve. We have produced a brochure which discloses all our standard rates to our clients, which is a basic step towards transparency that allows customers to make informed decisions. Our Free Mail Service delivers free of charge all BLF bank correspondences by mail to the address of choice of our client.

In order to better serve our clients, we constantly listen to them and take their feedback into consideration through a series of communication channels we have specifically developed, such as our large local network of 54 branches (Point Bank®), our extensive ATM network (Point Cash®), our secure Internet Banking Service (Point Com®) that allows customers to access their accounts 24/7 to inquire about their account and card movement, our sms service (Point Sms®), which notifies the user through an alert service upon each use of the card, our phone banking service (Point Phone®) which provides our clients with a quick and user-friendly access to their accounts and bank cards, our professional call center, which provides our clients from 8 am to 5 pm, 6 days a week with information on the bank's offerings and easy management of their accounts in all privacy and security, our innovative projection screens in our branches, which broadcast latest information and news about our activities, products and service offerings, as well as stock market news, currency rates, etc...

We constantly implement programs to enhance our service and respond to our customer needs. In order to develop our business processes, products and customer service we have launched a quality program and taken several customer-oriented actions. Enhancing the quality of service of our clients includes providing them with a neat, comfortable and welcoming environment. In order to better serve our clients, we launched in 2001 a rehabilitation program to endow all of our branches with a modern look. New open plan designs have been incorporated, with discrete separations to allow the client to discuss financial matters privately and confidentially with our advisors.

To enhance our customer service, we do not content ourselves to hiring competent employees, but have also established a training center to constantly provide our employees with the latest trainings that help them respond to customer needs in the most efficient manner.

We also constantly monitor our customer service through mystery shoppers and customer satisfaction surveys, because we strive for excellence.

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